About Us

KSL Engineering & Design Inc. offers Mechanical Engineering Design Services to the Petrochemical Industry. We have been in business since incorporating in 1992, and our goals and objectives are to offer excellent professional engineering services at very competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority as shown in the number of long term relationships we maintain.
Today’s industry has changed and become very cost conscious in order to maintain profitability. Today’s environment is to staff up, complete the job, scale back down and work to get the next project while keeping cost to a minimum. While this concept does work, it also has problems associated with it. The major problem is with so many people moving in and out of projects, inefficiencies become very apparent. These inefficiencies increase engineering time and delay the start of construction.

KSL Engineering has put together a group of experienced engineers that has the ability to help their customers to complete the engineering design with over 100 combined years’ experience in Petrochemical Design Engineering.