KSL Engineering has the ability to come in on a project, oversee and complete the engineering design while making sure the project stays on budget and meets schedule. After the engineering design is complete, KSL will move out until the next project. This allows customers to operate very efficiently.

KSL Engineering can also operate as a contract engineering firm and complete engineering design in our offices. With the advancement of computer aided drafting software and the internet, it is now possible to do detailed engineering while minimizing the need to be at the customer facilities. It is possible to interface with the client while working in a low cost overhead environment thereby reducing the overall cost to the client.

KSL will also offer to complete the vessel and structural design basis at the same time the Piping Engineering design is being completed. The advantage to this concept is to design the complete interface between the piping, equipment, and structural, thereby taking advantage of the flexibilities inherent in all piping connections. All piping loads can be addressed and resolved during the preliminary design stage, thereby not delaying vessel / structural / civil design and procurement.

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